How to book railway tickets via mobile SMS - irctc - Step by step guide

Step 1: You have to register the mobile number with IRCTC as well as your bank. IRCTC has tied up with over 20 odd banks for this service.

Step 2: The bank will provide MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) and OTP (one time password) for authorization of payment.

Step 3: You have to type the train number, destination, journey date, class and passenger details such as name, age and gender on the SMS box.

Step 4: The sender will receive transaction ID and then can make payment through sending another SMS by typing PAY followed by the transaction ID, MMID as received from the bank and password.

The service is available to all mobile subscribers and Rs 3 is being charged per SMS and payment gateway charges are Rs 5 for the ticket amount up to Rs 5,000 and Rs 10 for more than Rs 5,000.

Note:  IRCTC hasn't however disclosed the designated number to which users need to send the SMS, more details awaited.

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