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Happy New Year Message 2011

With all the Rose's Perfume and with all the lights in the world and with all the children's Smiles... I wish that your all dreams come true.Happy New Year 2011!

May the new Year brings new hopes, new promises and new reasons to celebrate your presence in your lives. Have a Joyous New Year!

New Year is a time for celebration of love, of life, of Friendship. It's the time to thank God for wonderful friends, and to bring to their lives as much magic as they bring to ours...So here's celebrating our friendship and praying that its magic continues forever. Happy New Year!

May this year mark the beginning of a year of pleasure and discovery for you.

How to get Mass Twitter followers?

 How to get Mass Twitter followers?

As twitter grows in popularity and stature, it gets to define a number of the rules by which peotple may use the service. Twitter was built in 2006 to answer one simple question, "what are you doing?". Over the last few years it has grown to become an important form of communication between people.

The benefit of being able to influence and communicate to a large audience is well known, and because of that an incentive to grow these audiences will always exist. Unfortunately, some groups will attempt to grow their audiences via any means possible, including means that can be considered unethical, a violation of twitter's terms of service, or in some cases criminal too.
But there is a easy way out, where "YOU DONT NEED TO FOLLOW OTHER PEOPLES" but "OTHERS WILL FOLLOW YOU". Sounds nice :P, well it works also. I recently came across to a good website, with a very easy idea of credit system. Means people will follow you for credit(initialy) but thereafter, its your responsibility to keep them engange with YOUR OWN QUALITY CONTENT.
This site actualy worked for me, i am not a Superstar, Famous personality, sport person or politician, I am just a simple blogger. I have more than 700+ followers on twitter alone :P its quite huge for me.
Check this site now. Click Here  (its not a spam, i too hate spams :P )
And yes dont forget to follow me @mr_ankur
Happy Blogging \m/

Top 100 BitTorrent Searches of 2010

Here’s an efficient way to put your finger on the pulse of the movie-watching and software-using public: Check out the top 100 search terms for 2010 on BitTorrent.
While there are lots of torrent tracking sites, Kickass Torrents is one of the biggest, and it’s revealed its most popular search terms of the year to file-sharing news site TorrentFreak, giving us a nonscientific glimpse into the data people sought most.

While the year’s not over yet — the movie Tron: Legacy tops this week’s top searches — the big winner for the year (or loser in the eyes of its creators at Warner Bros.) is that mind-bending action flick Inception, which was also 2010’s top user-rated pick on iMDb, followed by Iron Man 2, the term “2010,” and predictably, XXX is in the fourth spot. Looking down the list, the top-searched TV show was Glee, followed by Dexter, True Blood, and House.

Let’s dive into the list itself — take a peek into the zeitgeist of the non-movie-buying public:

Top 10 songs, toys and video games of 2010-Time Magazine

Top 10 Songs, Toys and Video games of 2010-Time Magazine

The Top 10 Movies, Gadgets and iPhone Apps of year 2010

The Top 10 Everything of 2010-Time Magazine

In 50 wide-ranging lists, TIME surveys the highs and lows, the good and the bad, of the past 12 months.

Top 25 Sites We Can't Live Without-Time Magazine

Top 25 Websites We Can`t Live Without-Time Magazine

From Amazon and Google to Craigslist and Wikipedia, here are the sites that we keep bookmarked year after year:

Top 50 passwords you should never use

The attack on Gawker Media site recently once again showed the risk of using weak passwords. Using the same username and password for multiple sites may be convenient, but it can prove costly. An analysis of the passwords stolen in the Gawker incident show that many people are choosing poor passwords, that are easy for online criminals to guess.

Top 10 sms for this Christmas-Fresh List

Top 10 Christmas SMS and greeting messages

More often than not we ‘forward’ the same wishes and greetings that we got from someone else. Who has time to be creative, right? That’s exactly the reason why we bring you ten Christmas wishes to help you express your love to your friends & family this year! It’s a mix of sweet & naughty SMSes, so choose wisely.

Facebook's hottest dating app vs rivals websites: Whats going on..

Race for Hottest Dating Applications
With the rise of the Internet, people began looking for love on websites such as and With the growing popularity of social networks, they're turning to services like

How to Track Email Messages in Gmail Using EmailOracle

If you are a web worker and have to deal with dozens of emails every single day, tracking an individual email becomes really tiring as well as time consuming. You have clients, partners or employees to whom you send emails and eagerly wait for a response. Some times, the response are sent while some times they aren’t. The problem with non responded emails is that you forget them after a couple of days and suddenly remember that you had sent an email to Mr X a week ago.

Now, you have to search for that specific email within your ever expanding inbox and resend it. It would be better if you can enable a tracking feature for important email messages and know whether the receiver opened and read your email message in the first place. If he sends a reply, it’s all right, but if he doesn’t, you will get a reminder that the recipient has not responded to that specific email since 3 days, for example.

Unfortunately, neither Gmail, Yahoo or Windows live mail has support for tracking emails but a new service named EmailOracle aims to fill the gap using their latest browser extension.

How EmailOracle Works

When you start tracking an email response using Email Oracle, the extension inserts an image with a unique ID at the bottom of the message. If the receiver opens the email message, the unique image loads in his browser. Then, a call is made to the EmailOracle server and the response is flagged as “Read”. The notification is then returned to your inbox as a new message.

If the recipient do not opens the message, the image does not loads and thus, no call is made to the EmailOracle server. You receive a reminder email, as specified in your Email Oracle settings.

How to Start Tracking Emails in Gmail

Here are the step by step instructions:

Facebook: Top Status Trends of year 2010

Facebook: Top Status Trends of year 2010: Complete Collection

Natural disasters and human triumphs made their mark in our 2010 list of top trends in status updates, but more than anything else people wanted to spend time with their friends and family. The fastest growing trend was the use of a new digital shorthand for people to ask their friends to hang out.

Whether looking for something to do or just getting off work, people began to add "HMU" to their status updates when they were ready to meet their friends. Standing for "hit me up," the acronym was barely used last year but grew suddenly and steadily throughout 2010, especially during summer breaks and weekends.

World Moments

Whether it be the tragedy of the Haitian earthquake or the heroic rescue of the Chilean miners ("mineros" in Spanish), global news events captured the world's attention. People shared their collective sadness, concern and hope. Some even let the world know what was happening on the ground in Haiti and Chile.

The world came together for the World Cup, with as many as a half of all status updates referring to the competition at some points during the games.

While HMU made its debut, it wasn't the only digital vernacular to make the list. Talk about "airplanes" surged this year, not because people suddenly discovered travel but because they were citing lyrics from the hugely popular song "Airplanes" by B.o.B. "Barn raising" was the most popular phrase for the Games category as gamers on Facebook asked their friends to help them out on FarmVille.
When the words and phrases facebook analyzed related to each other, we grouped them into categories for the global list that follows. 

How To Publish Blog Posts from Microsoft Word 2010

Every blogger out there looks for easy ways to publish blogs which don’t take up much time; hence the use of many specifically designed blog writing and publishing platforms is commonplace. However, a word processing application such as Microsoft Office 2010 can also be used an effective blog writing app with just a few simple steps.

The advantage of Word is that it can save a lot of time along with giving a lot of features for enhancing the blog post. Here’s how to use Microsoft Word 2010 as an effective blog writing and publishing platform.

How to save your mobile data-Complete Collection of top software

How to save your mobile data

These days, with more powerful devices and increased storage, even a smartphone serves as the primary repository for hundreds of contacts, email addresses, songs, photographs and video. Ever wondered what if you lose your mobile phone or a virus attcak wipes out all data on phone? Other than the phone it also means losing all that data and address book. Imagine, all those documents, digital photographs, videos and songs vanished without a trace.

So to make sure, you don't end up in a similar position, always keep multiple and recent backups of your mobile data. Here are some of the various ways you can back up all your precious data, whether on physical devices, or online, on the 'cloud'.

How to add Favicon or URLicon Icon to your blog or website

How to add a favicon to your blog/website

Most of us don't know what Favicon is, 'Favicon is a small icon(image) displayed at the beginning of the address bar of the browser. It is also called Favourite Icon, Pageicon and URLicon.

The main advantage of creating and using favicon is, it makes it easy to find your blog or site when someone favourited or bookmarked your site/blog among several other sites.

Top Trending topics on Twitter in 2010- Complete Collection

An astounding 25 billion Tweets were sent in 2010. We analyzed all those Tweets to identify the year’s Top 10 Trends, as well as the leading Trends in eight categories: News Events, People, Movies, Television, Technology, World Cup, Sports and Hashtags. Each Trend in the Top 10 list includes multiple related terms, to give the most accurate view of the topics that people cared about most in 2010.

What India searched for in 2010

Like every year, this year too Google Zeitgeist reveals the interests, passions and issues that largely ruled the minds of Netizens in India in 2010. These are the people, topics, issues and more that people in India searched for on Google in 2010.

Like past many years, this year too IRCTC (railway ticket booking) continued to top the charts of the year-on-year fastest rising bracket. However, there are newer entries too like the low-cost smartphone maker Micromax Mobiles and YouTube Videos. Here's over to what India searched for in 2010.

Top 10 Tech Stories Of The Year : The Complete List

Top 10 Tech Stories Of The Year : The Complete List

The cloud, mobile, IBM, Oracle-Sun, SAP, the death of the tactical CIO, HP's CEO shuffle, Apple's rise in the enterprise, and optimized systems were all among 2010's top tech stories. Here's the full list with links to more than 150 analytical and opinionated columns.

Google Chrome OS: Everything you need to know

What is Chrome OS?
Google has made much progress on its Chrome OS effort, but isn’t ready to launch a stable device due to open bugs and unfinished items such as cloud print, support for different webcams and more. So, consumers won’t be able to get a Chrome OS device until they arrive from Acer and Samsung around the middle of 2011. Until then, Google is opening up a consumer pilot program through various channels, the most prominent one being a questionnaire on the Chrome website: if chosen by Google, the company will send you a test netbook for free with the Chrome OS platform.

What guys talk about during an all guys night out

It will be hard to believe but there are some intimate things shared by a couple that guys think it is okay to reveal. Experts say that usually men do not understand proper relationship etiquette and don't think before talking about things you thought were just between the two of you.

Top Internet problems and there solutions

Love surfing the World Wide Web? But often get irritated by the numerous pop-ups, welcome screens and registration requirements that so often appear on websites or videos?

Here are some of the most common Web annoyances and how to get rid of them.

Groupon declines Google’s $6 Billion Offer

Groupon has reportedly rejected Google’s massive $6 billion acquisition offer and intends to stay independent.

The group-buying giant has been the center of the tech world this week after it was reported that Google had offered it $5.3 billion with a $700 million earnout. According to Chicago Breaking Business and Bloomberg, Groupon has decided that it is better off on its own.

Google Search:New features

Google continues to be the world's most-used search engine. So you might think that the search engine giant would roll out new features gently, not wanting to upset its massive user base, right? Not quite.

Google introduces new features of its search engine with little warning and even less explanation of how to use them. The Instant Preview, Wonder Wheel, Timeline, and Date Ranges features are prime examples.

What are they all about? Read on to find out.

New Moblie Browser that Supports Nine Indian Languages

If it has been your dream to browse internet on your mobile phones in your local language, here is a reality. Bitstream Inc, a NASDAQ listed, US based software company, has unveiled BOLT mobile browser with a support for nine Indian languages that include Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Oriya. Indeed it has claimed itself to be the first browser in the world to have complete Indic language support.

According to Bitstream, BOLT is available in JavaME (also known as J2ME) and BREW and will offer an uncompromised browsing experience on all types of mobile phones ranging from smartphones to lower-end ones.

Google Chrome 8-Everything you need to know, Download

Google Chrome 8

Google's Chrome browser has got update to version 8. The company has announced Chrome's Stable release, 8.0.552.215.
The new version, in addition to over 800 bug fixes and stability improvements, now contains a built in PDF viewer that is secured in Chrome's sandbox. As always, Chrome 8 also contains latest security fixes.
Chrome 8 also adds built-in support for Chrome Web Store that will allow users to search free or paid Web apps. Similar to Google's Android marketplace and Apple's App Store, Chrome Web Store will also allow Chrome OS users to find, install, and potentially buy Web applications.
"The store's primary purpose is to help Google Chrome users find apps. It'll do this by supporting search, by providing browsable categories of apps, and by displaying lists of various kinds, both curated and auto-generated. User ratings and reviews will be used to rank apps," is how Google describes the Chrome Web Store on its Chrome Web Store developer pages.

According to CNET, Chrome Web Store may launch shortly.

How to Use Google voice on your phone using Tpad and Nimbuzz.

How to Use Google voice on your phone using Tpad and Nimbuzz

When you are in wi-fi network your Smartphone work even more smarter and you can google voice service on your phone. Using an International US no along with your local no as a same time is possible with the help of Nimbuzz and Tpad.

We have already given a tutorial on how to create a Google voice account in the countries where Google voice is not allowed and how to get a US based permanent cell no for free but now using the same services we will enable our phone to receive those call or make use of calling using Google voice.

Follow the step by step tutorial on your phone if you have a wi-fi enabled phone :

Amazing trick to create A Google voice account in the countries where Google voice is not allowed

How to create A Google voice account in the countries where Google voice is not allowed

Do you know Google voice? Some of you probably not because it is the service of Google not yet stated in India or say Indian Users Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones, voicemail as easy as email, free US long distance, low rates on international calls so all calls to any US no are free.

But the problem here is many countries outside USA and Canada are not allowed for Google Voice uses yet like India, Brazil etc. But Still you can use the service by using this tutorial and can enjoy free calling to almost any US no from your US bases cell which we have learn in Superb trick to get a US based permanent cell no for you or your company – Free .

You need to follow 6 easy steps as follows:

Superb trick to get a US based permanent cell number-completely FREE

How to get a US based permanent cell no for you or your company – Free

We are going to write this post for many of people who want a US based mobile no Outside USA. This may be used to get calls from your friends in US for free using Google voice or to sign up or use some services which are only available for US based mobile no as +1-XXX-XXX-XXXX. After setting up this you will be able to get a number and virtual mobile on which incoming is free of cost and outgoing for some charges or outgoing free using Google voice.

Using this Online website called Tpad you will be able to get yourself an ip based mobile no which will be fixed something like +1-235-675-3000. Steps need to be followed are:

How to Make Quick Pdf of any website in seconds

How to Make Quick Pdf of any website in seconds 

Over internet we encounter many websites and useful information that we want to store to our computer. Many a times we want to read some content and forward to some of our friends which may or may not have access to the URL like in some offices article related to hacking or internet tutorials are banned. There is a very good solution to this problem that we can convert the Pdf of any sites we need just by putting the URL online no tools or any type of installation required.


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