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How to get more Instagram followers...quickly and easily

With over 100 million monthly active users40 million photos shared per day, 8500 likes pressed per second and 1000 comments shared per second, there is no doubt that Instagram has a huge community for your business to tap into. But in order for your business to extract the most value from Instagram, you need to first get more followers on Instagram.
After studying people’s behavior and reading up a lot of blog posts about effective techniques to get more followers on Instagram, I wanted to share with you 8 simple and practical tips you can implement today. Here they are:

1. Share relatable, humanized photos.

One of the most important things I notice from popular Instagram accounts is that all their photos are personal, humanized, and relatable. What this means is to they take photos that their audience can emotionally connect with, including behind-the-scene shots, current activities they are doing, inspirational scenery, etc. The photos do NOT have to be perfect; the more important thing is to let the audience feel it was taken by another human being, not a “brand.” Social media is about connecting with your audiences, so if you give them great images they draw some sort of emotion to, they will like it, comment on it, and follow you for more great photos.
In other words, do not use Instagram as a platform for you to boast about things if you are looking to build a community of followers.
how to get more followers on Instagram
A beautiful image that captures people’s attention.

2. Connecting your Facebook account.

One of the simplest things often overlooked is to connect your Facebook account. Why does that matter? Well, since Instagram is part of Facebook, more and more Instagram activity gets streamed onto the Facebook wall with priority. That means everytime you take or like a photo, that story can be shared on your friend’s Facebook feed. That gets your brand account more exposure, and ultimately more followers.
Not to mention, Instagram helps you now auto-follow or find all your Facebook friends in seconds. By connecting your Facebook account, you make it easy for all your friends/network find you easily.
how to get more followers on Instagram

3. Use relevant, popular hashtags.

Every time you take a photo, you should hashtag it with a relevant or popular tag to get more exposure. Believe it or not, people search for hashtags on Instagram on particular topics. That being said, you should consider adding 1-3 hashtags per photo (more than that just looks like spam—and people don’t like that). When you do, you give the photo more opportunities to be found and interacted. The more people find and interact with your photo, the more likely they will check out your Instagram profile and follow you for more great photos.
#tbt (throwback Thursday)
how to get more followers on Instagram
Use relevant hashtags, but don’t over do it.

4. Types of filter matter.

The filters… the feature that made Instagram take off. Filters give beauty and uniqueness to each photo. By making your photo breathless, inspirational, or memorable, people will be more likely to engage with your photo, and want to follow you because they want more beautiful photos.
Did you know that the filter you choose says a lot about who you are? Check out the fun infographic below:
how to get more followers on Instagram
Fun infographic to see what filters say about you!

5. Timing is key.

Even if you snap the most beautiful photo in the world, it won’t matter or get any engagement if you share it in the middle of the night. After watching many people use Instagram for months, I’ve noticed that the two key times that people will check Instagram is either in the morning after they wake up or in the evening going home after work. (Why? My hypothesis is that at both these times, your brain is tired and all you want to do is see what your friends are up to and be inspired via photos—without needing to read or think.) According to the chart below, the best to share is on Wednesdays at 5-6PM.
You may want to consider sharing photos during these two times of the day because it will yield maximum engagement results. Other than that, you may also want to know that a typical photo on Instagram has a life of 3-4 hours before it gets pushed so far down the feed no one sees it anymore.
how to get more followers on Instagram
Wed. 5-6pm is most optimal time to share.

6. Have a call to action.

There are some very clever, yet subtle accounts that always have a clear call to action on all their photos. What I mean is that they post a photo and the commentary is something like “Double tap if you smiled…” or “comment with your favorite caption.”  When you lay out clear instructions for fans to follow, they are 2x more likely to engage with the photo/post.
Again, more engagement = more exposure = more potential to get followers.
how to get more followers on Instagram
Unique way to encourage engagement.

7. Engage by following others and liking their photos.

If you expect people to engage with your posts, they expect the same as well. That means engage, engage, and engage with other’s photos. The more active you are, the more exposed your username/account is to the owner and the owner’s followers. I’ve found myself go to people’s Instagram account and follow them because they liked a photo of mine.
The main rationale behind that is if someone liked my photo, I feel my work is appreciated and want to show my gratitude back by following them.
how to get more followers on Instagram
Like & comment on other people’s photos.

8. Combine multiple images.

You know how they say a picture is a thousand words? What happens when you combine multiple images together? It becomes that much more powerful. I would consider using tools like PicStitch to combine multiple photos into a collage and then sharing it on Instagram. The beauty of this is you are automatically telling a “story” with multiple images at once. It’s no longer one image at one point of time, rather multiple images at multiple points of time. It encourages more interaction, commentary, and ultimately following.
how to get more followers on Instagram
Great collage/storyline.

What effective ways do you use to gain more followers on Instagram? Are there methods you use that aren’t listed above? Or are there ones listed above that work particularly successful for you? Let us know in the comments below!

How to book railway tickets via mobile SMS - irctc - Step by step guide

Step 1: You have to register the mobile number with IRCTC as well as your bank. IRCTC has tied up with over 20 odd banks for this service.

Step 2: The bank will provide MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) and OTP (one time password) for authorization of payment.

Step 3: You have to type the train number, destination, journey date, class and passenger details such as name, age and gender on the SMS box.

Step 4: The sender will receive transaction ID and then can make payment through sending another SMS by typing PAY followed by the transaction ID, MMID as received from the bank and password.

The service is available to all mobile subscribers and Rs 3 is being charged per SMS and payment gateway charges are Rs 5 for the ticket amount up to Rs 5,000 and Rs 10 for more than Rs 5,000.

Note:  IRCTC hasn't however disclosed the designated number to which users need to send the SMS, more details awaited.

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Top 10 facts about Google Chrome you should know

There are many facts about Google Chrome but I have listed the top 10 interesting facts which are following.
GoogleUpdate.exe wants to mess with the Windows Registry, Spy bot stopped that. I download legit new applications frequently but registry changes are rarely the case. Why does Google Update have to mess with my Registry? There seems not even a way to opt out of Google Update. I barred it from accessing the web via my Zone Alarm firewall.
I was just like “wow” when Google Chrome “imported” my passwords from Fire fox. Did I miss the “opt out” option again? Good to know that Google builds actual “password import” utilities.
I do not remember allowing Google Chrome to take my Fire fox bookmarks either. I want to keep my FF bookmarks to myself, it’s none of Google Chrome’s business.

Most viewed:
Great, now my employers can easily check out that I was mostly on, and instead of working. I strongly advise you to use incognito mode in such cases.
Is this really a browser user agreement or is this just adopted from other “services”? Did you actually read it? I’m not a lawyer, but some passages sound crazy: It seems Google Chrome is entitled to share data with third parties working with Google and revoke your rights to use this “service” among other weird legalese.
Privacy policy:
Now this must be a joke! The privacy part of the EULA, the probably most important issue facing data hungry Google is just a link! It basically in other words says: “We’re known for our great privacy regulations from elsewhere, check them out”. So in case you downloaded the browser but want to install it in off line mode you won’t be able to check out the privacy policy.

Updates every 25h:

Am I really unable to opt out the daily (25h) updates? I do not even update Fire fox before I decide to do so. I just recently switched from FF 1.5 to FF 2. So now Google wants me to update every single day? I want to know beforehand why I should update and what changes have been implemented and then I decide whether I update. You can’t scare me into submission with bad ware sites etc.

Conspiracy theory:

Now we already know that Google does not care that much about privacy here (in fact even Microsoft is ridiculing them). In fact Google chief engineer Matt Cutts (“Head of Webspam”) cites a NYT article to let you know what Google engineers think about users caring for their privacy, they are a bunch of “conspiracy theorists”.
Default language:
Google decides for me which language I should use. As I’m based in Germany I was forced upon the German version although I chose the default one (presumably English) and downloaded Google Chrome with my English language Fire fox. Until now I did not find an option to change that.

Safari for Windows:

Google Chrome is based on the same engine as Safari, which was the buggiest and most insecure browser of all time from day one. Matt Cutts already announced that the daily update is for fixing security holes, so it seems they expect plenty of them. How about not building in such holes in the first place?
Now many of you will probably think that “I’m wearing a tinfoil hat” as they say about paranoid people. To be honest I use at least a dozen of Google’s services in spite of their shortcomings.
I use
  • Google search daily a hundred times.
  • Gmail also my mails are stored in the US and can be read by basically more or less 50 different law enforcement agencies
  • Google Analytics although I’m an evil SEO ;-)
  • Google Docs for writing blog posts although basically has the copyright for everything you write there

Compare Apple i phone 5s vs samsung galaxy s IV 4

Software: The largest difference between an Apple phone and a Samsung phone is software. All Apple products run its own operating system called the iOS. The new iPhone 5S or 6 will be getting a fresh version to the software called the iOS 7 since the current version is iOS 6. Samsung produces most of its high-end phones with Google Android out of the box. The new Galaxy S phone is expected to run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The existing version of the phone features Android 4.1 Jelly Bean after a recent upgrade from its original Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).
Display Screen: It is now almost sure that the new Samsung Galaxy S will come out with a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED FullHD resolution screen. The company has showcased its innovative FHD sAMOLED panel at CES 2013. This display is meant as a rival to the LCD FullHD screens from companies like Sharp, LG and others. So, the S4 will be the first handset to roll out with a 1080p sAMOLED screen. It will thus be an intense competitor to the new line of FullHD phones that all have LCD screens
Nothing is known about the display of the new iPhone. The current iPhone has a really larger ever- Phone display screen. With a 4-inch display, Apple has broken its tradition of a typical 3.5-inch display and added a large one with a goal to stay competitive to the then new line of Android phones. But, things have entirely changed and now the Android market is flourished with lots of phablets, i.e. phones with 5+inch displays. So, can we expect a 5-inch iPhone time? No idea; let us wait.
Processor: The Galaxy S4 is expected to come with an Exynos 5 Octa (8-Core) chip, which Samsung has recently unveiled. It will be coming inside the brand new ARM Cortex-A15 processor that may likely offer a clocking speed of around 2GHz. To support the advanced processor, the device will have 2GB RAM and a superbly powerful graphical processor. The new iPhone is to mount a new A7 or A6X chipset with the capability for taking up large-scale tasks and processing. It may also get 2GB RAM. It is better to say that Apple is really forced to include great specs to the device with a goal to lead a fight against the new Android phones.
Camera: Well, an advanced rear camera can be certainly expected on the S4. Two of its last forerunners – the S2 and S3 – have the same 8MP rear cameras, but the new trend in market is 13MP or higher cameras. So there is no reason to doubt that Samsung wouldn’t add a heavy camera on its new Galaxy S4. So is the case with the new iPhone. The Apple phone is also said to emerge out with a 13MP camera. The current iPhone also has an 8MP camera like its two last predecessors.

Of course, Apple and Samsung will again be taking on in the mobile market this year, despite of many highly powerful handsets from other firms. People have a special craze towards the new Apple smartphone and Galaxy S line. Last year, the victory went to Samsung. Its Galaxy S3 could outdo the iPhone 5 in many aspects of the sales in many regions.

iPhone 5S vs galaxy s4

Google Goggles - Everything you need to know

You're wandering the streets of London for the first time, soaking up the sights and sounds all around you, when you and a friend stumble upon a gigantic tower with a bell near the top. You both know the name of this famous bell, but neither of you can remember what it is.
To solve this mystery, you whip out your smartphone and begin guessing at Internet search keyword combinations that may (or may not) help you deduce the bell's name. Meanwhile, your friend simply points her phone's camera at the clock tower, snaps a picture and moments later, she has the answer: The bell's name is Big Ben.
To find the answer, she simply loaded a smartphone app called Google Goggles.Goggles is an Internet search feature that bypasses keywords for camera snapshots instead. In short, it's a type of visual search. Snap a picture and then let Google's algorithms do the brainstorming to figure out whatever it is that you see.
Google eventually wants the app to be a universal visual search tool. But Goggles is still in development (a fact that Google stresses), and identifying all sorts of stuff by snapshot alone is a major challenge.
For now, Google emphasizes that Goggles works its magic best on iconic sights, such as landmarks, book covers, bar codes, wine bottle labels, corporate logos and artwork. But the company is working on increasing the accuracy of Goggles. Keep reading to learn more about how Goggles might help you see -- and search -- your world with a fresh set of eyes.

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Ferrari : Top Unknown Amazing facts and everything else you need to know

Ten fun facts about Ferrari

Fact 1:
The world’s fastest Ferrari, the F60, was debuted in April 2002.

Fact 2:
Maserati which was once Ferrari's bitterest rival, now is run on a Ferrari engine for Fiat.

Fact 3:
The most popular Ferraris have always been the two-seated Gran Turismos.

Fact 4:
The Ferrari Owner's club has 18 chapters around the world.

Fact 5:
The black prancing horse in the famous Ferrari logo was originally the symbol of Count Francesco Baracca, a flying ace in the Italian air force.

Fact 6:
Ferrari of Italy is the oldest and most successful team left in the Formula One championship.

Fact 7:
The cheapest component in a Ferrari car is a 3 c washer.

Fact 8:
The most expensive Ferrari ever sold was 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa.

Fact 9:
The Ferrari has been featured in many films and television shows.

Fact 10:
Ferrari won 25 championship titles in a 500 F2.

A Ten-Year-Old Boy's Love of Racing

Enzo Ferrari, racing for Alfa Romeo (Image: Ferrari)
In 1908, Enzo Ferrari's father took him and his older brother to a race in Bologna. There, he became smitten with racing and wanted to become a race car driver. Ferrari's dream became reality in 1919, when he made his racing debut at the age of 21.
2. Enzo Ferrari was a Mule Shoer
During World War I, Enzo was a blacksmith and mule-shoer for the Italian army.
3. The H1N1 Connection
If you think that the current H1N1/Swine Flu is a new thing, think again: the Influenza virus H1N1 that you hear about all over the news today is the descendant of the virus responsible for the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that killed as many as 100 million people worldwide.
In 1916, Enzo's father and brother died during an Italian flu outbreak, and in 1918, Enzo himself was stricken with the disease and almost died. Enzo was discharged from the Italian army but upon returning to his home in Modena, he discovered that his family's metal engineering firm had collapsed.
Enzo had to look for a job. When Fiat turned him down, he found a job as a test-driver for a small carmaker called CMN. A year later, his friend got him a job at Alfa Romeo as a race car driver. About ten years later, he started his own racing team, Scuderia ("stable") Ferrari.
4. Enzo was a Bad Ass
In 1919, while driving through the mountains of southern Italy to go to a race, Enzo Ferrari and fellow racer Ugo Sivocci were trapped by deep snow. They were going to be attacked by a pack of wolves but Enzo scared them off with a revolver that he kept with him at all times. They made the race. (Source)
5. Origin of Prancing Horse Logo

Francesco Baracca (c. June 1918)
The black prancing horse in the famous Ferrari logo was originally the symbol of Count Francesco Baracca, a flying ace in the Italian air force during World War I.
In 1923, Enzo Ferrari met Baracca's mother, Countess Paolina, who asked that he use the horse on his cars for good luck. It must've worked for Ferrari though Baracca didn't fare so well: his plane was shot down and he was killed in action at the age of 30.

1. Enzo Ferrari was born on February 18, 1898, outside Modena. His grandpa was a food wholesaler, his dad Alfredo a metal-basher in the local railway workshops. 

2. Enzo saw his first race at age 10, and could drive at 13. He was invalided out of the army during World War II; neither his father nor brother survived it.

3. In 1920, Alfa Romeo employed him as a team driver, and he came second in that year’s Targa Florio. In 1929, he switched from driving to administration, undertaking management of Alfa’s racing team. 

4. One of Ferrari’s stranger Alfa projects was the Bimotore, a single-seater with engines at both ends. It was fast but temperamental. 

5. When he wasn’t living, breathing, eating and sleeping sports and racing cars, Enzo relaxed by riding his beloved – and British – Rudge motorcycle. 

6. By 1940, Enzo’s private company Auto Avio Costruzione had built a Fiat-based sports car. Alberto Ascari drove it in the 1940 Mille Miglia. It led its class until blowing up. Ferrari blamed the Fiat parts… 

7. The first Ferrari car proper appeared in 1947, the Tipo 125. Its V12 engine was designed by Giaochino Columbo, and it was made at Maranello, a factory outside Modena backed partly by Mussolini so Ferrari could make tools for his war machine. 

8. Ferrari had only one son – officially: Alfredino, or “Dino,” born in 1932. He died of muscular dystrophy in 1956, and his grieving papa visited his grave almost daily afterwards. 

9. Enzo had, however, more than one woman. He divided his time between wife Laura and mistress Lina Lardi… with whom he had another son, Piero. When Laura died in 1978, Ferrari’s second family moved into his vast, somber villa. 

10. The first Ferrari race victory was in a minor event at Rome’s Caracalla circuit in 1947. The driver was Franco Cortese. 

11. The first Grand Prix a Ferrari won was the 1949 Swiss GP, where Alberto Ascari drove a supercharged 125. 

12. Also in 1949, a Ferrari took the first of nine Le Mans victories for the marque, including six in a row over 1960-’65. 

13. Cultivating his own enigmatic image, Enzo took to wearing sunglasses in public during the 1950s and did so until he died – even when interviewed indoors! 

14. Ferrari’s “prancing horse” logo was given to Enzo by Countess Baracca, whose late World War I flying ace son Francesco had used it as his emblem. Ferrari changed its background color from white to yellow, and created an icon. 

15. Mr. Ferrari’s nickname, Il Commendatore or The Commander, is thought to originate from an honor bestowed upon him by Italy’s fascist king Victor Emmanuel III. 

16. Enzo’s mother Adalgisa and wife Laura hated each other, but that didn’t stop Enzo from buying a large villa in Modena and giving them half each to live in. Adalgisa Ferrari died in 1965 after, apparently, choking on a boiled egg. 

17. One of the ugliest Ferrari road cars ever was also the only one bodied in Britain. A 166 was given ungainly Abbott coachwork in 1954. 

18. For all his brilliance, Enzo Ferrari was volatile and prickly. His longtime chief designer and engineer Mauro Forghieri once said: “As a businessman he is excellent, as a human being he is a zero.” 

19. Ferrari driver Mike Hawthorn was the first Brit to win a Championship GP when he beat Fangio’s Mercedes in 1953 at the French GP. 

20. Hawthorn was devastated when Ferrari team-mate Peter Collins was killed at the Nürburgring in 1958. World Champion Hawthorn decided to retire, but died in a road accident just months later. 

21. The Testa Rossa name, Italian for redhead, was given first to the 3-liter V12 engine in 1958 because its camshaft covers were painted red. It was revived in 1984 for a mid-engined supercar. 

22. Ford tried to buy Ferrari for $18 million in 1963 but the deal collapsed when the Americans refused to cede Enzo total control over the racing program. Ford responded by producing the GT40. 

23. Phil Hill’s Dino 246 won the 1960 Italian GP – the last major victory for a front-engined GP car. 

24. Colonel Ronnie Hoare became Britain’s Ferrari importer in 1960, when he established Maranello Concessionaires at his Egham garage. 

25. Tractor tycoon Ferruccio Lamborghini only decided to make a supercar of his own after complaints about the quality of his Ferrari were met with frosty indifference by Enzo. 

26. The ASA was a pint-size Testa Rossa designed by Ferrari engineer Giotto Bizzarrini in 1958. It could do 113mph. However, the prohibitive price meant that in three years just 52 were sold. 

27. The 1968 Daytona – or, more formally, the 365GTB/4 – disappointed some because it was front-engined when the vogue was for mid-mounted engines. At 174mph, it was still the world’s fastest car. 

28. The Dino 246GT was unique in that nowhere on the car did the word Ferrari appear. Supposed to be the affordable “junior” marque, the $15,535 Dino was three times costlier than a Jaguar XJ6 in 1969. 

29. Fiat bought Ferrari in 1969, taking a 40% stake that eventually increased to 90%. This still left Enzo in charge of the racing side while Fiat controlled road car production. 

30. Almost all roadgoing Ferraris since the mid-1950s have been styled by Pininfarina. The 1973 308GT4 is the only one designed by Bertone. 

31. The first Ferrari 308GTB came with glass-fiber bodywork but was soon remade in steel because it was so fragile. 

32. The 1976 400GT was the first Ferrari to be made with an automatic gearbox. 

33. Ferrari considered making a four-door car in 1980. Pininfarina‘s “Pinin” concept saloon won critical acclaim but Enzo vetoed it. 

34. The most expensive Ferrari ever is a 250GTO which reputedly changed hands privately for nearly $15 million. A similar car was sold at auction in 1990 by Sotheby’s for £6.35m ($11,303,000). 

35. When the Ferrari F40 was launched in 1987 to celebrate the marque’s first four decades it was, at $316,895, the most expensive car on sale in Britain. 

36. In the early hours of August 14, 1988, Enzo Ferrari passed away peacefully in his sleep. He was 90. 

37. The Tipo 640 of 1989 pioneered semi-automatic transmission in F1, adding wheel-mounted “paddles” for up and down. Nigel Mansell won the Brazilian GP on its first outing. 

38. Ferrari was the first team to notch up 100 GP wins when Alain Prost won the 1990 French. At Belgium two years later, Ferrari entered its 500th Championship race. 

39. The best-selling Ferrari models ever are the 2000-’05 360 Modena/360 Spider, with 17,500 sold. However, the best-selling single Ferrari model for which a precise figure is available is the 1986-’89 328GTS, at 6068. 

40. The factory today offers 16 standard colors but can provide any paint used on a previous model. A 10-paint “historic” range is now offered for the 612 Scaglietti. 

41. Although perceived as exclusive, some Ferraris are surprisingly numerous; between 1987 and ’92, 1315 F40s were made, while 1284 “ultra-rare” Ferrari Daytonas were built in 1968-’73. 

42. In 1985 a Ferrari 250LM brochure fetched an astounding $1,391 at a Christie’s auction in Monaco – still a world record. 

43. Ferrari engines have been used in other cars. The Lancia Stratos, Lancia Thema 8.32 and Fiat Dino all have Maranello power, while Cooper, Minardi and Scuderia Italia have used the company’s F1 engines, as did the Lancia D50 single-seater. 

44. Enzo Ferrari hated Britain’s Grand Prix “industry.” So the Brits chuckled when the Ferrari F1 chassis design HQ moved to Guildford to be nearer the sport’s epicentre in 1988. 

45. Ferrari’s president today, Luca di Montezemolo, is part of the Fiat-owning Agnelli family. From 1973 to ’77 he was Enzo Ferrari’s personal assistant, effectively running the F1 team at just 26, and masterminded Niki Lauda’s World Championship quest. 

46. The F50 was Ferrari’s half-century celebration, and just 349 were made – at a retail price of $557,000 each. It could do 202mph and hit 60mph in 3.7sec. 

47. Blues guitarist Chris Rea was so fascinated by German Count Wolfgang von Trips and the “sharknose” Ferrari in which he died in 1961, he financed a movie about them, La Passione (1997). 

48. Can’t afford to buy a Ferrari? Don’t worry – you can hire one. Pingvin Avto rents out a F-355 Spyder for a cost of 25,000 rubles per day. 

49. Cheesiest Ferrari role: Tony Curtis driving a 246GT in TV’s The Persuaders; naffest Ferrari appearance in a pop song: Big Red GTO by Sinitta. 

50. There are more Ferrari books in print than on any other marque except Porsche, according to London bookshop Motorbooks. It stocks over 100 new titles, ranging from £4.95 ($10) for the glossy Cavallino journal to £35.99 ($72) for Dino: The V6 Ferrari by Brian Long. 

51. Between 1997 and 2005, Maserati was managed by Ferrari, but Fiat has since transferred it to the same division as Alfa Romeo. 

52. Ferrari’s model naming system was traditionally rooted in logic: the first official model, the 125, was so-called because 125 was the cubic-centimeter capacity of one cylinder. Starting with the 246 Dino, though, the company’s smaller cars went their own way: “24” stood for a 2.4-litre engine while “6” was the number of cylinders. This continued through the 308 and 328 models until the 348 (3.4-liter, eight-cylinder), but the F355 meant 3.5-liter and five-valves-per-cylinder. 

53. In the mid-1950s, racing cars took a different route: “Tipo 158” stood for “1.5-liter, 8-cylinder” and “1512” meant “1.5-litre, 12-cylinder.” The late-’80s 640 and 641 F1 cars were named simply from their drawing office project numbers. 

54. The cheapest replacement component Ferrari GB stocks costs 5p, a washer to attach an undertray. The most expensive is a 599GTB Fiorano replacement engine: $64,418. But that includes VAT. 

55. Sotheby’s knocked down a driveable 1964 330GT for just $13,000 in 1985: the cheapest example it’s ever sold, around half its estimate, and the cost of a new Ford Granada then. 

56. There have been 13 British Ferrari team drivers: Cliff Allison, Derek Bell, Tony Brooks, Peter Collins, Mike Hawthorn, Eddie Irvine, Nigel Mansell, Mike Parkes, Reg Parnell, Roy Salvadori, John Surtees, Peter Whitehead and Jonathan Williams. 

57. Ferrari has seen peerless success in Formula One, boasting the most Constructors’ Championships, Drivers’ Championships, pole positions and outright wins. 

58. The worst F1 season for Ferrari was 1980, when it scored eight constructor points; 2004 was the high-point, when by contrast it grabbed 262 points. 

59. The most powerful roadgoing Ferrari ever is the 660bhp Enzo, but today’s 612bhp 599GTB Fiorano is the 11th most powerful road car of all time, following the 10th-placed 617bhp Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. 

60. In 2006, Ferrari sold 5671 cars – 635 of them in the UK. One V12-engined car is sold for every three V8s.


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